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    Torna fort is amongst the tallest forts around Pune. A difficult trek the trek to Torna however is one of the most satisfying treks for a nature lover. A huge fort, Torna has seen many a war and has been in control of many rulers at different times. Though most parts of the Torna fort is in ruins the panoramic view the fort offers is well worth the climb up.

    The Torna Trek is a medium difficulty trek but the rewards of the toil is really fulfilling! The narrow tracks on the way up from Velhe the base village of Torna Trek leads to beautiful landscape. After monsoons which is the best season for the Torna trek the entire way would be laden with wild flowers. There are two  two rock patches on the way up, a little slippery, not bad during ascending, but the descend would really prove tough. The trek will take 3-4 hrs with stops

    Velhe approximately 65 kms from Pune is the base village of Torna fort. Though the best season to visit Torna fort is just after monsoons, summers show an entirely different shade of the fort diametrically opposite to what you will find just after monsoons. The Mangai Devi Temple on top of the fort is a commonly used shelter on the Torna fort however its best to carry your own sleeping bags and tent

    If you are attempting the Torna Trek just after monsoons, Torna fort is a fairy land altogether - misty bed of flowers which no manicured garden can match in beauty. The Mangai Devi Temple is a little ahead and inside the temple there is a framed picture of Shivaji and a detailed map of Torna fort. Budhla Machi and Zunjar Machi are other interesting spots on the fort with magnificent view all around.