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    Pashan Lake

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    Pashan Lake (हिंदी: पाषण तालाब, मराठी: पाषाण तलाव) is an artificial lake near the suburb of Pashan, about 12 km from the city center of Pune, India. The lake was built in the 1990s to accommodate the water requirement of the neighbourhood. The main inlet of the lake is a small rivulet (Ram Nadi), which is even controlled by the barrage located to the north of the lake. Pashan lake has a total catchment area of 40 square kilometres (15 sq mi), and serves as a source of water to the old Pashan village, and the Governor's residence, as well.

    Mulshi Lake and Dam

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    Mulshi is the name of a major dam on the Mula river located in the Mulshi taluka administrative division of the Pune district of Maharashtra State, India.

    Water from the dam is used for irrigation as well as for producing electricity at the Bhira hydroelectric power plant, operated by Tata Power Company LTD. The station operates six 25MW Pelton turbines and was established in 1927. It mostly supplies power to Mumbai.

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